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This is a DOWN PAYMENT to begin layaway for your Mermen Order

Once this payment is made, you will recieve an invoice for the remaining balance on your doll.

Payments are to be made consistently on the 1st of each month. Your balance will be divided by the number of months you choose for the layaway and that will be your monthly payment.

If a payment is going to be late please message me beforehand.

Late payments more than 2 weeks late with no notice orders will be cancelled

Payments are non refundable

Down payment is on refundable.


Human Doll: $750

Merman Doll (Solid Color Tail): $1150

Merman Doll (Standard Tail Blend): $1300

Merman Doll (Custom Tail Blend): $1350

Full Package: $1500


The Meeksdoll Mermen are casted in resin in the USA

All colors may vary from the colors displayed on your screen. Color variation may also occur due to these items being cast by hand.


Tail Blends are one of a kind: the photos reflect a style but will be one of a kind and unique to each doll.


Dolls take 10-12mm eyes with small iris



Height (Human): 52.5cm

Height (Merman): 78cm

Head Circumference: 16cm

Neck: 9.3 cm

Shoulder Width: 13cm

Chest: 23cm

Waist: 17.5cm

Hips: 23.5cm

Wrist: 5cm

Upper Arm: 8cm

Lower Arm: 6.5cm

Arm Length: 17cm

Hip to Foot: 33cm

Foot Length: 7cm

Thigh: 13.5cm

Calves: 8.5cm

Ankle: 7.5cm


  • Dolls will be put into production upon order. 

    Dolls will be shipped once final payment is complete. 

    Production will take 60-180 days

  • These dolls are for personal use only.

    Dolls are not for commercial sale.

    The production of copies of these dolls is strictly forbidden.

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