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Welcome to Meeksdoll!

Hey Everyone, I thought I would start a bit of a blog to keep everyone more updated on what the heck I'm doing over here. The main event right now is Murphy! I've been focused on releasing heads this year while I'm still operating mainly from Europe. The plan is to have a grand opening in January 2019 with three fullsets. I've already got their characters and stories fleshed out for you, and if you follow me on instagram, I have a feeling you might like who the fullsets are. I don't have anything official to announce just yet, but I'm sure you can guess who I will be collaborating with on these fullsets with.


Anyway, MURPHY!

Right now I have some important details to share. I will be opening his preorder April 23, 2018. I am looking to sell about 10 Murphy heads. If the demand is high enough, I may consider allowing for more, but the orders will be on a first come, first serve basis. I will also be seeking on topic status from Den of Angels, and therefore allow for orders to come through there when status is approved. Murphy will be casted by Tiffie BJD Crafts ( and will be offered in all of the colors she has available. I will add listings for her different tiers, and add price adjustments for the color options. Murphy has a 10.5 cm neck and will fit bodies ranging form 65-70cm. Stay tuned for pictures of him on different bodies so you have an idea of bodies that will suit him. Thanks everyone for reading! I'll try to post here regularly!! -Meeks

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