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Meeksdoll Labellas Body Pre-order Info

I’ve been getting lots of questions about when this guy will be available and the price point. So just some general info so far:

The preorder will be open at the end of October. I ordered samples from my caster so I will take official photos when I receive them and check everything.

The whole body will cost about 875 USD plus shipping (may change but this is the price point I’m trying for)

There will be the choice between five heads, Austen, Emerson, Farrell, Peter, and Curtis. If you want an additional head with your full doll it will be an additional 200USD

4 colors will be offered, Meeksdoll Flush, Buff, Ochre, and Rich. (No extra charge for tan colors) (swipe for colors)

There will be standard hands but also a second optional pair to purchase for around 45 USD (they’re called “The Bird Hands” so tell me what you think they are 😂 )

Layaway will be available for about three months with a deposit

I’ll make a more official post about everything once I get the samples and all get all the pretty photos out 🙂


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