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Murphy News and Instagram Update!

Hey everyone! I managed to do a lot of small things that are making Murphy really come together. Tiffie (our caster, has finished the first few heads and send them to my parents last week. My parents (the heroes behind Meeksdoll) sent one head to Lachlana Light for a faceup and professional photos by Ana C. Santos ! The other two heads have been sent to me in Germany so I can do my own faceups and make pictures :) Secondly, I applied to have my doll included in Den of Angels as on topic status. I hope very much I get that for Murphy :) So as soon as I have my heads and get a response from Den of Angels I can open the preorder. If you want to follow the progress, I split my instagram accounts. Now, my personal collection is @meekybjd and my Official Meeksdoll account is @meeksdoll

I'll update with information on the preorder soon!



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