Meeksdoll Labellas Body

Preorder info!

I’ve been getting lots of questions about when this guy will be available and the price point. So just some general info so far:

The preorder will open October 31 at 6pm CEST (12pm EST for Americans)

The whole body will cost 875 USD plus shipping

There will be the choice between five heads:

  • Austen

  • Emerson

  • Farrell

  • Peter

  • Curtis.

If you want an additional head with your full doll it will be an additional 200USD

4 colors will be offered:

  • Flush

  • Buff

  • Ochre

  • Rich

(No extra charge for tan colors)

There will be standard hands but also a second optional pair to purchase for around 45 USD (they’re called “The Bird Hands” )

Layaway will be available for about three months with a deposit